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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

12:00 PM - Que Dog!!!

my roderick, originally uploaded by Organic Intellectual.

This isn't one of mine but this is one of my favorites. I might post some more black Greek images as I find some, at least before black history month is out.

Oh for those of you who don't know a Que dog is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Purple and Gold!!! Ya'll Ques are so cool. Keep on doing ya'll thing. Because I'm definitley going to be joining ya'll real soon!!!  

Blogger peanut said...

I put you all in the same catagory because your organization apparently only allows in a certain caliber of man in to your fraternity. I will give you the name of the imposter you have among you. His Name is Henry Williams IV he pleged at Prarie View A&M in Prarie view TX. This "Man" and now Que has a 6 year old child who for 5 years he refused to work to help support this child and left her mother to do it alone. He was put on child support and becuase of this he inflicts mental anguish on the child and harrasses and abuses this childs mother. The sickest part is he has a girl friend that he allows the child to call mommy and sends the child off with her and is not a father to this child still, not to mention the promise he made to the childs mother that as long as he is in the system for child support he will make her life a living hell. He has falsifyed 5 reports to child protective services all being closed, takes the child out of town and threatens to not bring her home sometimes doesn't and will not tell her mother where she is, she was even admitted into the hospital while in his care for a stage 2 staff infection in San Antonio and we live in dallas when come to find out he sent her with his young childless girl firend no power of attorney or anything and advised her not to tell the childs mother she was sick where she was and not to answer my calls. These people are sick and they are part of you and with that I do hold you all accountable if no one is willing to listen to our story and help us. Today I was given a message from him and he stated I will find my self back in court by myself will no lawyer. He purposley does these evil things believing that money rules everything and he knows I will not take food out of my children's mouths to prove a point to him I just as soon take it but now this is affecting my daughter and her little brother who has nothing to do with him and I. I need the help of a senior Que if you all are line brothers then please remeber as brothers you are your brothers keeper and help the ones that have issues they won't tell you about aswell as the children or your brothers thank you. please email if anyone can help.  

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