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Monday, July 10, 2006

11:45 PM - BBQ

On the day after the Fourth of July I just so happened to decide to fire up the grill. It would have been right on the holiday except for a few unforseen plans that had nothing to do with me bar-b-queing.

In any case this is the grill. A Weber's Smokey Joe. Just small enough for a small picnic. Enough for my purposes I'm just now learning how to BBQ.

This was my first attempt on that day. The steaks (two ribeyes and a T-bone) look nice don't they, but they weren't done to my satisfaction. In fact the grill wasn't even hot enough to continue cooking. The coals had effectively burned out.

Thus I had to put the steaks in the oven and then continue to cook them. I had at least got it started but I couldn't finish the job. I had basically blamed the store brand charcoal. The type that allows me to set fire to the bag. Well over the weekend I bought a small bag of Kingsford Charcoal in hopes of solving this problem.

This was today's attempt at cooking a steak. It looks good don't it. I cooked this steak along with four hamburgers. They tasted like it was grilled too. So for once this grilling is the result of a job well done.

Thank you Kingsford Charcoal and thank you Picasa for being a lifesaver. I was having trouble committing these pictures for publishing on the blog. I'm finally able to do it. Posted by Picasa


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