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Thursday, July 13, 2006

8:31 PM - A poem-Broke

I don't know who wrote this poem but I heard this about 10 years ago when my best friend performed this back in high school. He did this in front of a classroom and he performed it, in costume, at a high school assembly. This is an interesting poem.

Uh! I sho am tired
Been walkin' since five this mornin'
Up and down, and then just ain't no jobs in this man's town
Answerin' them want ads not nary bit o' fun
'Cause 'fore you gets there, ten thousand and one
Done beat you to de place, standin outside de do'
And one old funny boy said, "I'll work at any price
Just only providin' de bossman is nice!"
You all out there laughin', but that ain't no joke-
When you're broke.

Last job I had, went to work at five in de mornin' or little mo'
And de man come tellin' me I better get there at fo'!
I mean four before daylight-s'pose to've done hit go first stroke-
Folks sho is gettin' har on you-just 'cause you broke
So I say, "Mister, I ain't no sweepin' machine."
So de man say, "I'll get somebody else, then, to clean"-
So here I is, broke

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