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Sunday, August 13, 2006

11:42 AM - Images at the Lincoln Memorial

I left the WW2 Memorial and took a long walk from there to get up the massive amount of stairs into the Lincoln Memorial.This was at a souvenir trailor nearby the memorial with a memorable sticker. Remember...
Evil Thrives: When good people do nothing.

Now we are close to the Lincoln Memorial. I was here many years ago and I don't even remember that there were so many steps before actually going in to see the statue of Honest Abe himself.
Honest Abe himself. There were a couple of pennies by his throne. Before I left I threw one more penny at him. I hope some good luck come my way.
Check out this qoute which you can see plainly over Abe's head...
In this temple
as in the hearts of the people for
whom he saved the union
the memory of Abraham Lincoln
in enshrined forever
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