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Thursday, August 03, 2006

12:11 PM - Vacation photos on the way to Washington, DC...

I really got to figure out why I can't post more than four pictures using picasa. I'll figure it out one day. There will be more pictures Friday.
I'm not sure what this public space is, but I took a picture of this space and the flag at a stop in Cumberland Maryland on our way to Washington, DC.
This was Martinsburg, West Virginia. I had to take a picture of this cobblestone street. Almost as if this part of town is frozen in time while progress rolls by everyday.
There people were in the Potomac River (I didn't know this until I typed this post) by Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. You may have heard about Harper's Ferry in your American history text books at least before you graduated from high school. Something happened back in 1859 with a man by the name of John Brown. This was before the Civil War.
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