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Monday, September 25, 2006

10:32 PM - The White Sox are out of playoff contention...

Well last year the White Sox did the impossible. It was over 40 years since the White Sox made a World Series appearance (1959). They last won the world series in 1917. Well say goodbye to 1917 and good morning 2005. And the Sox even swept the Houston Astros last year. No more 59 Fever.

But on this day, it seems, the White Sox can kiss a repeat performance good-bye. Another world series is not coming this way, this year. The Cubs aren't going to make it either. They haven't gotten closer than 2003.

Oh well I do at least have the memories of seeing the White Sox actually celebrate their championship on the field. I would say there's always next year but that's a sure way of continuing a century long losing streak.

Music files are from White Sox Interactive.

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