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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

1:31 PM - Deal or No Deal

My new favorite show right now.

Monday night, I just saw an Arkansas good ole boy go all the way to only win $10. I was hurtin for him when I saw his last shot at $500,000 go bye-bye. The format of this game is interesting.

You start opening cases of your choice. They contain an amount anywhere from one penny to $1 million. If you just so happen to pick a case with $1 million you're not going to win that amount. Every so often though a banker will offer you a deal based on the money that is in play.

You can make a deal or get stuck with what is already in a case that is right next to you as you play the game. Again it can contain anything from a penny to $1 million. But of course if the case you chose as your winning case just so happens to contain say 1 penny, you can still walk out with a larger amount than that.

My goodness this game excites me more than the other games on NBC. Everything from Twenty-One to The Weakest Link. They both competed against the first of the fairly recent primetime gameshows, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

It's just unfortunate that this is a very difficult game to win. What I mean is you choose right you win and you can choose right and still lose. Not sure if I can handle it but I have to play the game first.

And Howie Mandel. I remember Bobby's World on FOX many years ago. He's changed his appearance. He's shaved his head because he feels cleaner. It is said that he has a fear of germs. But it doesn't matter his gameshow is very exciting.

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