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The Eye!

Formerly know as My Mind's Eye! Concept under major reworking! 

Saturday, December 09, 2006

3:19 PM - An interesting history lesson...

This blog in it's current incarnation began on January 29th, 2006. But the start of this blog goes beyond this particular date.

Since I deleted the evidence, this blog actually dates back to September 2005. I had started more of a personal journal and it was to compliment It's My Mind to a degree. Of course the idea was always to give this blog a different personality than It's My Mind which was more political than anything.

That blog was called the Experimental Journal. And when I couldn't decide where I wanted to go with it, the name would change every now and then and so would it's address. It was at a certain point that I decided that I needed some space for a rather creative outlet.

In any case it allowed me to play with different templates and it was here that I played around with using Feedburner. I even wrote a post about how I got my first subscriber and I wanted this person to introduce himself but he never did. So this variation allowed me to play with the template at It's My Mind and install Feedburner over there in time for 2006.

Before that point I would write about what happened on this day or that day. My wishes, hopes, and dreams. And perhaps things that didn't fit at It's My Mind. One post survives over at It's My Mind that I had originally posted here only to delete it.

Well another reason I set that blog up was to eventually do video blogs. I had started to get interested in that and to start another blog different from It's My Mind where just doing a random video blog about anything didn't seem to fit over there. Of course I have posted only two videos (V-Log #1 and V-Log #2) which were videographed, edited, and posted by yours truly.

Anywhere as stated at other times on this blog original video is a part of the long term plans here, but for now this blog has basically become a photoblog. This is more text than I'd like but this place in the last couple of month had more text that I'd think it would. Either way the best things are yet to come.

So this blog is almost a year old now. The template that I used for this place is called Live Journal. I got it from Blogger-Templates but I see that it is no longer displayed on that site. It's a great template, discourages clutter. I'm gonna save the codes for that template. Thank goodness for archive.org.

There are two Live Journal Templates. White and Black. So if you want to play around with the code. Have fun!!!

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