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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

11:57 PM - South Cottage Grove Avenue

Some pictures from summer of 2005. Just a small sample.
The Grand Ballroom near 63rd Street. The neighborhood looks rough but things are slowly but surely changing for the better. You can even book an event here if you must. Here's the website.

The intersection of 79th and Cottage Grove. If only I could show the nice buildings at this intersection. Especially to the right in this picture. In the building on the southwest corner is an office for the Illinois Attorney General. A closeup of the liquor store that you can see clearly on the left is the next picture

And this building was home to a black owned bank, Independence Bank but in the last decade this bank was sold to ShoreBank. I have only visited this building once in my lifetime and it was a showcase on the inside. I wonder how much of a showcase it is now that it is under new ownership. It's almost too bad that when I took this picture I was moving. Posted by Picasa

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