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The Eye!

Formerly know as My Mind's Eye! Concept under major reworking! 

Saturday, March 17, 2007

9:50 AM - I finally figured it out!!!!

This blog's template is referred to as LiveJournal. Perhaps this blog can be something like that in it's own unique way. More of a live multimedia journal. I really wish that I can do better than LiveJournal as a name for this genre, one day perhaps I will.

So perhaps this blog will always have frivolous things. Whether vacation pictures, videos, or stories. Random videos I run across on YouTube or more rarely Google Video or even random pictures I run across anywhere and that includes Flickr. Perhaps things should be more interesting and indeed I have since I have a cameraphone.

BTW, I have some printed posts from my predecessor blog called The Journal. I deleted the posts a long time ago to get this project started but I have three posts that were emailed to myself and I still have them today. I would like to use this platform to share them eventually.

We shall see.


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