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Friday, July 27, 2007

9:28 PM - Alfred Caldwell Lily Garden

I had me a long walk up from Michigan Avenue to the lakefront thru Lincoln Park. Before I walked any further I just had to take a nice rest and this Lily Garden was as good a place as any. I can hear the traffic from nearby Lake Shore Drive and I can see the traffic on Fullerton, but this place was so serene and peaceful.

A tour guide dropped by a pavillion where I was sitting on the bench. I told her that this place is almost like the country. She said that's the point, it was an "urban getaway". I believe her and it did it's job. I took a few pics and maybe I'll post some more. You may not be there, but you might have still relaxed seeing some of these pics.

After you see the pics, I'll post some links of interest.

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Gardens from A View on Cities
Alfred Caldwell's Hidden Garden from LeeBey.com
Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool from CityofChicago.org
Lincoln Park Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool from Chicago Park District
Lily Pool Rehabilitation Project from Lincoln Park Conservancy
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