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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

4:33 PM - The dreaded Wal-Mart

In Cleveland, Mississippi. The country store that it seems unions and the more well to do fear and perhaps only because of the class of people they believe it attracts and the store is very anti-union.

This store is right in it's element in this small town. There's a Kroger down the highway. Kroger being a chain of supermarkets that you will frequently find in the south.

I don't think this was the Wal-Mart I made infrequent trips to over the years. This store seems more aesthetically pleasing than the store I remember. Even better this store seems to have a supermarket of its own. Like another Wal-Mart I visited in Olympia Fields, Illinois (that's the Chicago area).

Now it looks like Kroger's have some competion in the region known as the Mississippi Delta.
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