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Sunday, November 25, 2007

12:25 AM - Mother

I found this photo amongst my Flickr contacts. This is a poweful pic that just spoke to me. It reminds me of my own mortality but more importantly about my mother.

It also reminds me of funerals. Black American Baptist style funerals. I won't say that blacks are fascinated with death but it's probably one thing we are prepared for. Perhaps not financially or anything like that but certainly mentally blacks seem prepared for it. Or I could say there are those who don't believe they'll live a long time and they'll act the part, but not always.

Still I can express my complaints. Mainly the preaching and the organ playing. I know funerals contain those and there may not be much I can do about that. Still I think about the whole program for a funeral. At this point in time it's not very appealing. It is however a fact of life.

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Blogger James Tubman said...

death is inevitable, but it also brings perspective.

you never know what you got till it's gone.

stop by my blog at www.thetubmansolution.blogspot.com


Blogger Nedra Smith said...

What a powerful image. I've noticed that many of our funerals look better than our lives, not to say that we can't have good, rich lives.

I do wonder what it means, though, if a person lives in a corner of a dank room wearing torn everything, scraping and saving up to be laid out in a showroom-quality casket, wearing clothes that look better than our Sunday best.  

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