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Saturday, April 08, 2006

11:23 AM - A video experiment...

I've been investigating doing a video blog for a while now and I just wanted to see if I can post a video here as has been done on another video blog, What's Going On? using the You Tube video service. Basically I'm using a video I had posted on It's My Mind just to say that I have a video running on this blog.

You can go there for other commentary but to set it up, this is a video from the 2006 NAACP Image Awards of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity step team. And as I said on the other blog I missed it and I wish I have been able to see these guys hold it down on national TV. Enjoy.


Blogger Nick Schmidt said...

sup man.. thanks for the plug about my website on her... (yea i meant to do that)....

Anyway if you need some help or have any questions about vlogging..
just let me know...

have a good weekend

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