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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10:39 AM - Law & Order: Criminal Intent is...

My favorite cop show right now. I didn't get to see this show much except for reruns over the summer and I must say that this show is really stirring the pot this season. I just saw the episode last night, it was a good episode and quite controversial.

It started off with a member of New York's Finest ( Det. Mike Logan) getting into it with a member of New York's Bravest (Some fireman whose name escapses me at this moment). It was a good episode though because the case dealt with a murder of a fireman who as the episode moves forward is on the down low (for those of you who don't understand he's married but he's a frequent guest at a gay bar and he was carrying on a relationship with a man behind his wife's back). So it started off with a bang, usually an episode starts off with a murder not a firehouse brawl of some type.

But this season has been interesting. It seems Det. Logan and his partner Det. Megan Wheeler are takling some controversial cases, while Det. Robert Goren and Det. Alexandra Eames are taking on the who-dun-it cases. See a couple of episodes ago Det. Logan investigated the murder of a man who got killed on his motorcycle and he finds out that this was somehow connected to a young man who was in a "relationship" with his teacher. Det. Goren seems to be taking cases which will take an emotional toll on him like when his partner Eames gets kidnapped and somehow it was connected with his mentor. Last week he was snooping around a sleepy suburban police department which was connected somehow to another murder.

I'm really liking this season. This is like what the 6th season and things have gotten more interesting as time moved on. Usually it's about time for a series to wrap it up after a shorter time but this season makes me want to stay on this ride. I'd like for them to keep this up.

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