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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

12:42 PM - Doctor Who - Robot - Classic Clip

Thanks to YouTube, I've become a Doctor Who fan. I do barely recall this series being shown on Channel 11 WTTW back in the 80s but I was too young to understand the show. Now I'm at the mode where I can appreciate it better. It took me a while to understand Star Trek for sure.

BTW, I saw Tom Baker's last appearance as The Doctor (as he is often referred to in the series)in the episode Logopolis where he fell to his death and regenerated into Peter Davison who became the next Doctor. Tom Baker was said to be very popular and many fans were sad to see him go. This being the first time I ever watched him in a full episode I was even sad.

This video was from Baker's first episode Robot. The ending of this particular clip is pretty unusual. You might like it. Might even give you a smile.

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