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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

11:41 AM - Have blog will travel

That's what I should start calling this blog since I seem to semi-frequently post pictures of videos of places that I have been so far.

BTW, I should figure out what's wrong with my text messaging on my phone so that I can start posting some of the mobile pics that I took when I left from Atlanta thru Birmingham to Memphis. It was a nice ride too and I would love to show off my pressed penny that has an outline of the state of Alabama and the words "The Beautiful" within it. I got it at a penny pressing maching at the Greyhound station in Birmingham.

The ride was nice especially on the way up because during the daytime I get to see some of the picturesque scencery thru the Alabama and Mississippi countryside heading west/northwest. It was a great ride that on the way back I'd have to sleep thru because I took a run during the nighttime and plus I was very sleepy anyway. I had a very hectic weekend getting to Memphis again.

Did I mention I already had passed thru almost two or so weeks earlier?

Anyway, I'm back on the grind again. And you know? I really like traveling I want to get into the mode where I can go somewhere everytime I get into a restless mood. I'd really like that. I'll get there in the near future.

It's a promise.

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