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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2:29 PM - I've got a Flickr "pro" account now...

Actually I've had it for a good three months since I merged my Yahoo! Photos account with my Flickr account. It was decided that Yahoo! Photos would close for service and that Flickr would be the primary photo hosting website.

When I merged my Yahoo! Photos with Flickr I gained a "pro" account but that would last me three months I believe. On Oct 6th, I would have had to fork over some cash and that would have meant at least another year or two of being a "pro" account member. It would have cost $25 for a year or $48 for two years.

A "pro" account gives you unlimited storage, uploads, bandwith, photosets, permanent archives of high resolution pictures, and ad-free browsing and sharing. If you had a free account the basic benefits are that you can only upload 200 photos at a time. There was a bandwith limit per month. You can only create three photo sets. If you did continue to post after reaching the 200 photo limit you're pictures won't be visible among those 200 photos. In fact if you blog as I do or other wise post some pictures somewhere on the internet that's the only time you'll see that picture until you buy a "pro" account.

When I didn't have a "pro" account, what I do is delete those pictures that haven't gotten a lot of views. Save the ones with views or comments and I won't upload pics with any regularity. This summer that changed since I could reap the benefits of a "pro" account.

Now I have a "pro" account for as long as I take advantage of AT&T/Yahoo! DSL. Expect more uploads in the future and I hope that the Flickr badge you see at the bottom will see a different set of pictures when you visit. Though for right now, they're going to be what they are because I didn't thing to bring my usual point and shoot camera with me.

And I'm gonna figure out what my cell phone doesn't send or recieve text messages. As soon as I can figure that out I'm gonna post cell phone images onto Flickr as well. Of course even if I do I'll post picture directly onto this blog. That's what it's here for primarily.

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