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The Eye!

Formerly know as My Mind's Eye! Concept under major reworking! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

10:47 AM - I just bought a new camcorder

Another entry level model but adequate since I can't yet afford the expensive High Definition models. Still I'm liking this camera because I can shoot video at night. I tested it out on myself last night and looking at myself was strange because I was a greenish hue.

Anyway this means that I can finally convert some of the video I've compiled over the years to a computer file. This also means that I might have to get an external storage device to people to have some space to hold the video files. Still this means that more V-Logs will be forthecoming.

They might be old archival footage or newly created video. Still My Mind's Eye is going back to what it was designed for exhibition of original pictures and videos. BTW, only three videos came from actual digital cameras. Still I ahve a camcorder to play with and I intend to use it.


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