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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

7:57 PM - Top 10 reason the Chicago Cubs sucks...

The Cubs are my team but it's just sad that year after years they can't get through. 2003 was a great year only to have made it to the NLCS and then have something unfortunate happen to cause the Cubs to lose. I could attribute this to the infamous curse of the goat. But I try not to believe in superstition a lot of this has to be that the Cubs have fielded some horrible teams.

It's quickly approaching the century mark the last time the Cubs actually won the world series. It's 60 years since the Cubs won the pennant. Of course they made a big deal in 2003 about the Cubs winning their first post-season series since 1908 (that would be when they beat the Braves in the NLDS, who seem to have a great tendency to make the playoffs only to be eliminated in the first round). Well at least in time for next year we have a new manager and a winner just like Dusty Baker who couldn't get the job done.

Thanks to Late Night with David Letterman, a top 10 list of reason why the Cubs haven't won a world series since 1908. This was funny actually. Oh and this is old BTW, but at least I can see this again thanks to YouTube.


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